Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

“Hi, My Name is Romea… MASTER Reiki – Has taken part to courses and seminars for: Pranic Healing, Kochi Method, Mediator for the resolution of Conflicts – Intercultural Mediator – Intercultural Cooperation – Personal Coach – Public Speaker – Art Therapy – Music Therapy – Energy Painting – Emotional Education – Poetic Writing Amateur Singing – Amateur Guitar Player

… today I am 50 years old and, although still on my path of research and knowledge, I am a serene and enthusiastic person, always full of energy, not so much for having achieved real and spiritual goals (also because considering myself at a point of arrival means 1st) to stop one’s growth and 2nd) would be against natural laws), but because, despite the constant challenges that I still meet on my way, I feel I am on the right path, in line with my natural predispositions and inclinations, in tune and harmony with myself and with life …

I can tell you that, until not long ago, it was not like that.

As a teenager I was a shy and aggressive girl, but intelligent and capable, who dreamed of doing great things but did’t know what it meant to really “feel” to deserve success, and I had a completely distorted concept of it.

I had a high level of energy at my disposal, but I was mostly lonely, as I could not translate my resource through a truly effective communication and expression. 

I was thirsty for knowledge, for understanding, for finding a reason for things, but I did not know what I really needed to be happy. In making my experiences and dealing with my obstacles I did not have clear goals, and above all, I did not understand why I would not succeed in obtaining what I thought I wanted.

Finding myself on paths that with my conscious mind I had discarded, but that life led me to walk, such as to join the service of my country as a police officer 24 years ago (which still ‘today is my job) and in other similar situations in the choice of partners, friends, and in social life in general (sports, hobbies, etc.) led me into a deep introspection and personal research that started, apparently by chance, at the age of 16, when I met some people with whom, later I understood, my Soul had established to connect for those who, I’ve come to realize, were very specific goals and that led me to see that the choices we make in life depend on other than the 5% of our conscious mind with which we rationally make projects, rather the unconscious factors that make up 95% of our Soul and dwell beyond our conscious mind. These special encounters have led me to look inside of myself, to investigate, read books, experiment, attend schools and seminars that over the years have enriched me inwardly, bringing me ability, answers filling my inner voids, and leading me to recognize in my deficits and shortcomings my best allies, as the basis of my drive to improve and, to perceive and therefore promote my originality, uniqueness and unrepeatability, giving voice to every aspect of me.

I have also understood that true success consists precisely in this: in BEING YOURSELF. Success means to perform with honesty and detachment from the result. Competition is only the low octave of Excellence, which I refer to  as an expression of one’s own talents and realization of the True Self. 

Now I have also realized that the knowledge I gained over time can translate into a real baggage of creative resources only if I honor it by putting it to good use by making me useful in serving and supporting others and carrying forward MY mission for which in all this time I obviously had to prepare myself.

In this new perspective, in looking back on my life, I found a sense for those experiences that, if I had had real “power of choice”, I would have discarded, and this because they were the ones that allowed me to learn more, grow and be here, today daring to finally do what is a source of joy for me and that comes from a very strong and precise inner need: to share it with you reading this.

I hope with all my heart that it can help you to find the answers you need, come to understand what you want from life, aligning yourself with your true nature and finally “feel” ready to promote, and celebrate YOUR originality and unrepeatability.

If you have had similar experiences in your life and/or feel the urge to understand why, I invite you to comment and, why not, to contact me.


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“(The notions of alchemy and esotericism displayed in the contents on this web page are the summary of my personal interpretation and experience of Transformative Alchemy, based on my studies, which draw inspiration from the esoteric and spiritual paths and schools I frequented, and on which my conception of existential purpose as well as service, is based, with particular note to this twilight moment that sees the human being, if aware of its resources, possibilities and talents, as the center and junction of an evolutionary process that will lead to a ” new way of seeing “based on understanding through direct experience and individual fulfillment, as well as, in the appropriate, cases, to a real, leap in consciousness. In this, according to the vision that has taken shape in me, joy, as an inner condition plays a decisive role as a principle and as a means and aim of inner knowledge. Much has been given to me, also and sometimes, to an extent even greater, thanks to a vibrational affinity, mastery of exposure, mastery, competence, openness of Heart and love for research and for the Truth, by contemporary speakers and popularizers, endowed with a particular sensitive soul and level of consciousness, which, even when I did not get to know them personally, through their seminars, video-seminars, video-courses, books and handouts and continuous studies and updates of the knowledge of the Soul, so complex and sometimes indecipherable for the common reader, they put them to my reach and within reach of those who sincerely seek answers, supporting my psycho-physical balance and helping me to make sense of my life in difficult and delicate moments.
I thank from the bottom of my heart, with immense gratitude, Osho, Salvatore Brizzi (before he changed his diet) and Erica Francesca Poli in the first place, Emiliano Soldani, Igor Sibaldi, Fabio Marchesi, Alberto Lori, Master Usui, Master Choa Kok Sui, Giuliana Conforto, Vittorio Marchi, Antonio Maione, Anima.TV, Il Giardino dei Libri, Davide and Floriana Bombarda and many others, … Special deep heartfelt thanks go to the Great Masters who inspired and guided them from the High of Heaven, making them an instrument of the Divine Will. Atma Namaste) “
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