Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

WESAK – Testimony of Love that knows no barriers: What it is and Why It Celebrates

In the Himalayas and more precisely between the Karakorum and the Kun Lun chain, on the slopes of Mount Kailash, in the Gobi desert, every year on May, during the full moon of the Taurus Constellation, on a rock about 4×2 meters wide that lies in that valley the ceremony of Wesak is celebrated, a sacred ritual of great value for all humanity.

Wesak is a festival of Buddhist origin, but its occurring and meaning belong to all religions because its blessing ritual is lavished to all of humanity.

It seems that it is the only day of the year in which the Buddha and Christ in particular, but also all the other Ascended Masters of the Celestial Hierarchies, descend into this uncontaminated valley to bring their bodies of light into the presence of mankind and bless it in order to alleviate the suffering of the whole planet, to call all souls to healing and purification and to facilitate the evolution of all beings, through their love and their blessings.

The day on which Wesak is celebrated is not always the same, being it connected to the maximum full moon moment. It is therefore a mobile feast, as well as the Easter of Christian Resurrection, or the Jewish one, the Pesach, or even the Islamic Ramadan.

Legend has it that when the Buddha became enlightened, ready to finally abandon the Earth because he had solved all the issues that had led him to reincarnate, while immersed in the deep beatitude and realization achieved, from his level of awareness and infinite compassion, he turned to look at all the other souls on hearth who were still victims of fatigue, sickness, suffering, and of all the earthly tribulations.

It is said that he died in 483 BC, in the month of May, the night of the full moon, but did not want to ascend to Nirvana, swearing before the Great Beings of the Celestial Hierarchies, he would do so only after the last of the smallest beings had freed him/herself from his/her conditions of trouble and pain.

This is why every year, on the night of the full moon he returns to the Gobi Valley, to bless the planet along with Jesus and all the Ascended Masters to bestow energies of love, guidance, protection, healing and compassion so that all souls and the Earth itself can find their way to liberation.

Thousands of pilgrims participate in it, coming from the surrounding areas of Tibet.

They set up the altar with Iris flowers, and give their food and water offerings so that they may be blessed.

Water symbolically represents the continuity of the union between Masters, disciples and human beings. In receiving the light of the Great Beings, it is strongly magnetized by infusing renewed energies of fullness, determination and good intent to those who drink it.

It seems, moreover, that, at the approaching of the Light of the Buddha and of Christ all the irises blossom and bloom, opening up, spreading their scent.

by Romea PONZA

Try to make Wesak a universal and recognized holiday, useful to all people of all faiths. It is the festival in which the two Divine Heads of the East and the West collaborate and work in the closest union … The spiritual energies at that moment are available in an exceptional way. (The Tibetan – Externalization of the Hierarchy, page 590)


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