Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

“CELEBRATORY ALCHEMY”: The synthesis between Inferior Alchemy and Superior Alchemy …

A crepuscular approach to a twilight era … Indispensable to give the right meaning to every experience of life, considering each as a part of a broader picture … Because EVERYTHING contributes to our healing and evolution …

Existence is our teacher.

As we experience our experiences, we evolve.

In this process, if we become aware of our inner dynamics through a detached observation activity, which allows us to understand how the contents of our unconscious influence our interaction with the external world, leading us to attract those people and situations that happen to make us suffer, we understand how these circumstances depend only on us, reflecting our dark side that makes up ninety-five percent of our entire personality.

If we have the courage to recognize that the other is only a mirror of our interiority, recalled by our Soul in order to make us live a situation to be resolved, we can take responsibility for the reality that we unconsciously create and abandon the role of victims of the external world.

I speak of courage because it is what is needed in staying in a long state of observation of an unpleasant emotion (anger, abandonment, sadness, guilt, shame, contempt, loneliness, etc.) that arises within us, “stepping into it”, “letting it be” Without repressing it or venting it, for the sole purpose of observing it.

In fact, the key to transformative alchemy is OBSERVATION. The very fact of observing an emotion long enough to allow our energy to transmute is curative and decisive.

In this work of observation, mental activity, with its complaint and its judgments must be suspended.

It is a Herculean undertaking that proceeds by degrees.

In the beginning, we will necessarily leave our negative thoughts behind, managing to realize that we have fallen back into the usual mental processes only afterwards. Then we can “train” until we become aware of mental mechanisms even before they occur.

This process allows the energy contained in the negative emotions to be lived to the end, until it is transformed into a superior emotion of love and compassion.

We must have the courage to experience pain, when it happens, without fleeing it.

Transmuting is equivalent to freeing up.

Let what simply happens be, without repressing or resisting, recognizing that it happens NOT TO US, BUT INSIDE US, makes that event unnecessary to have to happen again because we have transmuted, eliminating them, those energies that had recalled it . We simply let go.

We produced a healing inside of us.

What I explained above in the simplest possible way is a process of Alchemy Inferior.

Alchemy Inferior is based on the transmutation of negative emotions and therefore makes use of situations of suffering for the Soul to evolve. We are not aware of it, but we came to this planet to experience suffering , in order to heal it.

In reality, according to the transformative alchemy, for as inconceivable as it may seem, suffering is our choice.

It may hard to believe, but we can only change our lives if we take 100% responsibility for what happens to us. I say the responsibility, not the fault. If negative situations happen to us it is because we have “chosen” suffering as a way of healing and liberation.

And the more we focus on the negative aspects through judgment, complaint and the nurturing of negative emotions, the harder we harness in what comes to be a real prison, because we are going to resonate with those who emit our same low energy, creating a field of negativity, in a spiral that takes us further and further from our happiness and fulfillment.

There is also, however, a second possibility, based on the ability to experience higher emotions, such as enthusiasm, fervor, compassion, empathy, understanding, empathy, transcendent joy, gratitude, and it is the Superior Alchemy.

Only one thing is needed to work through superior alchemy, and it is: TO BE HAPPY.

Perhaps for some it may appear even more difficult. But if we get up every morning already with a smile and the gratitude of being alive, we have already worked a miracle. We activate the energies of joy that will help us to attract positive events.

Starting from the little things that give us joy and satisfaction, we can extend this state of joy to every event that happens to us and, helped by “self-conscious observation”, become grateful also for undesired events that happen to us. We come to see that what happens is an experience necessary for our healing, liberation and growth.

In this way we come to see the underlining broader design for every event that we live and are able to handle it with the mastery of our senses and our emotions.

We come to establish a contact with our Soul and, by identifying with it, rather than with our psycho-physical apparatus, we reach a level of inner and mastery and to become conscious creators of our reality.

Just as fundamental, on the path of superior alchemy, it is to ask ourselves what makes us happier and do it.

This also requires courage.

The courage to let go of situations that do not allow us to be ourselves.

If we cannot, for obvuois reasons, abandon a job or a sentimental or family situation, we can still consider them useful for practicing self-observation through inferior alchemy, but we can also, in the meantime, start to dedicate ourselves to an activity, a hobby or simply find time to do that thing that we always wanted to do but that we have always set aside.

In this perspective, the artistic disciplines (singing, music, painting, poetry, drawing, or other) and holistic ones (meditation, pranic, energetic, finding contact with Mother Nature, etc.) represent a true instrument of expression, healing and self-knowledge. Tis is the case of any hobby or activity that may give us self-fulfillment and satisfaction and be creative, while aiming to performing beauty and truth.

Esoterically speaking we are nowadays living a twilight moment, also corroborated by science, in particular by quantum physics, in which the entire planet is going through energetic conditions of particular magnetism and vibration.

According to physicists, but also according to the ancient sacred texts, we are now at the peak of an evolutionary phase that involves a quantum leap towards a higher level of consciousness.

If we do not take responsibility for our life and dedicate ourselves to the knowledge of ourselves and to the inner search, if we do not become conscious of what we feed ourselves with, on both the physical and the mental level, if we do not align purselves with more refined vibrations, if we do not do our best to elevate ourselves, we will suffer the events that this shoft of vibrations brings, as unaware victims of a process that implements the destruction of the old and everything that hinders the evolutionary process, to let the new emerge … and we will be swept away in it as part of the old.

If we dedicate ourselves to the care of our inner state through the disciplines of purification, meditation and self-knowledge, if we become aware of what we “feed” ourselves with on both a physical and a mental level, if we devote ourselves to art, to creative expression and to help the planet regain its balance with us as an integral part of this Earth and life, we will help it to overcome this phase of transition and promote its entry into a new era into a higher dimension.

Even the Earth has its own energetic anatomy. We are absorbed in its energetic and magnetic field and, constantly, between us, every other living form and the Earth itself there is an exchange of information.

She feeds us with what scientists call “the weak force” (now she has also discovered an even more subtle aspect that is named the “ultra-weak force”), its radioactivity, which comes directly to us from its central core .

Nothing can make us feel more connected to this planet than our energies, which, once purified, inevitably bring beneficial effects to the environment, and to the people around us.

This can be enough to make us understand that doing something for ourselves implies a responsibility towards our neighbor and Nature.

True alchemy, in fact, generates real changes when everything we do is done through the heart, not for ourselves but for the purpose of serving. From the giving of oneself and receive in the same way will derive then sharing and celebration.

Then, inevitably, material prosperity will come from the true shared interior wealth.

In this epochal phase, as both sacred texts and quantum physics say, the energetic and vibrational conditions of the planet allow more, as it has not been for over 26,000 years, to rise and evolve through the joy and celebration of the Superior Alchemy (the discovery of the ultra-weak force it corroborates it because it is what, acting in us, makes us loving and predisposed towards the neighbor).

Even if unpleasant situations continue to occur in our lives, even though we see only catastrophes and decadence around us, it is up to us to focus either on them or on the Light that resides in ourselves.

Dedicating our attention to what of bad is happening in the world through judgment and condemnation makes us accomplices in negativity as we contribute to nourishing them with our energy.

We can, if anything, feel compassion and think about what we can do to alleviate the suffering of the planet and eventually activate ourselves in that sense.

Few people know that thinking in terms of active service enhances intuition.

If our attention is focused on high thoughts of love and beauty, and on how we can constantly create love and beauty in the simplicity of our daily lives, we will nourish the world of high and pure energies.

This said, if, we activate our creative side, if we promote our “uniqueness” and “unrepeatability” in a conscious way as a resource for the world, we will contribute to the elevation of the planet’s energies and to the birth of a new era, by being an integral, active and cooperating part in the Universal History … and then we will have done what we came here for: we will have fulfilled our mission …

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“(the notions of alchemy shown here are the summary of my personal interpretation and experience of Transformative Alchemy, based on my studies, which draw inspiration from the paths and esoteric and spiritual schools I frequented, and on which my concept of existential purpose as well as service, with particular reference to this twilight moment that sees the human being, if aware of its resources, possibilities and talents, as the center and junction of an evolutionary process that will lead to a “new way of seeing” based on the understanding through direct experience and individual fulfillment, as well as, where appropriate, to a real, leap in consciousness In this, according to the vision that has taken shape in me, joy as a condition plays a determining role both as a principle that as a means and end of inner knowledge, much has been given to me, even and sometimes, to an even greater extent, by vibrational affinity, mastery of exp sition, skill, competence and love for research and for the True by contemporary speakers and popularizers, endowed with a particular soul sensitivity and level of consciousness, which, even when I have not had the opportunity to know them personally, through their seminars, videos -seminaries, video-courses, books and handouts and continuous studies and updates of the knowledge of the Soul, so complex and sometimes indecipherable for the common reader, have put them within my reach and within reach of those who sincerely seek answers, supporting the my psycho-physical balance and helping me to make sense of the events of my life in difficult and delicate moments. I thank from the bottom of my heart, with immense gratitude, Osho, Salvatore Brizzi (before he changed his diet) and Erica Francesca Poli in the first place, Emiliano Soldani, Igor Sibaldi, Fabio Marchesi, Alberto Lori, Master Usui, Master Choa Kok Sui, Giuliana Conforto, Vittorio Marchi, Antonio Maione, Anima.TV, Il Giardino dei Libri, Davide and Floriana Bombarda and many others, … and especially The Great Masters who inspired and guided them from the High of Heaven, making them an instrument of the Divine. Atma Namaste “

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