Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?


… We are not our thoughts … We are not our emotions … There exists in us a higher level of consciousness that oversees and includes our mental activity … When reached, it allows us to rise above our rooted unhealthy habits, beyond the schemes , beyond family, cultural and social conditioning … Beyond suffering, the sense of injustice, beyond judgment …

… It is a state of joy that transcends the dual world … it is the seat of our intuition … It is our SOUL

Through meditation we can cleanse, open and become aware of the channel through which our creativity flows, make us receptive to Inspiration …

By observing the processes of our mind, we rise to a higher degree of awareness that allows us to acquire the mastery of our thoughts and of our emotions, and, through an integrated and conscious management of our range of natural inclinations and predispositions, we can become conscious creators of our life, to obtain that fulfillment and realization which is our own by birthright.

Author: Romea PONZA

“(the notions of alchemy provided in this article are the summary of my personal interpretation and experience of Transformative Alchemy, based on my studies, which draw inspiration from the spiritual paths and esoteric schools I frequented, and on which my concept of existential purpose as well as service, with particular reference to this twilight moment that sees the human being, if aware of its resources, possibilities and talents, as the center and junction of an evolutionary process that will lead to a “new way of seeing” based on the understanding through direct experience and realization, as well as, where appropriate, to a real, leap in consciousness. This said, according to the vision that has taken shape in me, joy as a condition plays a determining role both as a principle and as the means and ultimate of inner knowledge, much has been given to me, even and sometimes, to an even greater extent, for the inherent vibrational affinity, mastery of knowledge and exposure, competence and love for research andfor the “Truth” by contemporary speakers and disseminators, endowed with a particular soul sensitivity and level of consciousness, which, even if I haven’t met all of them personally, through their seminars, video-seminars , video-courses, books and handouts and continuous studies and updates of the knowledge of the Soul, so complex and sometimes indecipherable for the common reader, have put them within my reach and within reach of those who sincerely seek answers, supporting my psycho-physical harmony and helping me to make a sense of my life in difficult and delicate moments. I thank from the bottom of my heart, with immense gratitude, Osho, Salvatore Brizzi (before he changed his diet) and Erica Francesca Poli in the first place, Emiliano Soldani, Igor Sibaldi, Fabio Marchesi, Alberto Lori, Master Mikao Usui, Master Choa Kok Sui, Giuliana Conforto, Vittorio Marchi, Antonio Maione, Anima.TV, Il Giardino dei Libri, Davide and Floriana Bombarda and many others, …. and especially The Great Masters who inspired and guided them from the High of Heaven, making them an instrument of the Divine. Atma Namaste) “

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