Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

MUSIC AND SINGING (… and not only): healing as a way to develop and cultivate a talent (and vice-versa…)

We usually turn to an expert to treat our health. When we are not able to understand what is compromising our body/mind balance, we too often seek treatment outside of ourselves, through a doctor, a therapist, a medicine, a medicinal herb. If only, before even abdicating our healing power outside, we would take time for ourselves, dedicating our energies to an activity that puts us in touch with our “inner child” and allows us to discover and reorganize our inner resources, disciplining them, in order to produce a creative result outside, we would see that true regeneration and recovery start from within.

We could experience how, for example, our vocal cords and our diaphragm are true allies.

Singing when it is not also a true vocation can not only bring joy and fun, but can also help heal anxiety, depression and increase self-esteem. Healing takes place on a deep level, re-establishing that intimate contact with our true essence,  healing our wounds and emotional imbalances.

On a spiritual level, singing becomes a real nourishment, as it involves all our energy centers, fostering harmony and balance, as well as the process of elevating our emotions and feelings, because, more than any other art, it is connected to the fifth Chakra, the center of the throat which is, above all others, the center of superior creativity.

At the physical level, the heart and the lungs benefit significantly, as well as the cerebral cortex, with the generation of new neuro-cortical connections and synapses. It is therefore very indicated in children, in their growth and development.

 Singing brings people to be together and share, since through music our souls feel a sense of belonging and communion. If we have communication problems, writing a poem or a song, giving voice to how we feel, can help us understand ourselves and bring out what resides in us in a detached and balanced way, favouring a catharsis of our energies that otherwise could degenerate and become harmful for us, when we repress them, and for our neighbour if, when we feel misunderstood, we express our discomfort in a gross and destructive way.

Playing an instrument can fill the sense of loneliness, and give purpose and meaning to our existence taking the place of moments of boredom and abandonment, freeing ourselves from emotional addictions. We know how these conditions generate in us specific inner states that are then reflected on the body, going to create imbalances and symptoms if not real pathologies in our internal organs.

But, also taking care of pets, cultivating a garden, creating with clay, with decoupage, are activities that help us to know ourselves as a Soul and to raise our vibrational level. To put our creative intent into our hands, in order to prepare a delicious dish, to shape a clay pot or a decoration, makes us measure with our skills, helping us to find out who we are.

To develop our creativity by dedicating ourselves to activities that involve both our  body and soul, stimulating both the lower and upper energetic centers of our body (Chakras), harmonizing them under the guidance of the higher ones where our power of abstraction, intuition and sense of communion with our fellow human beings and the whole existence resides, gives us great mastery in all aspects of life. 

On a practical level, we take root, we re-establish the original contact with our Mother Earth and, on a spiritual level, we rise towards Heaven. Our last healing and self-actualization consists precisely in rediscovering this very connection.

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