Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

REIKI AND PRANIC HEALING: two apparently different disciplines based on the same basic principles … Crystal Energy enhances their effect



are two disciplines aimed at reintegrating, regenerating, and harmonizing the energy body of a human being through the conscious use of the Universal Energy that is channeled by the qualified operator on the person to be treated through specific techniques.

Studies have shown that the anatomy of our physical body corresponds to a series of energy bodies to form the so-called AURA or energy field of an individual, which not only interpenetrate each other, but whose conformation, thanks to the presence of some energy centers ( Chakra) and some energetic channels (Nadi and Meridians) present in our body, reflect and energetically interpenetrate every tissue, fiber, gland, organ, fluid, single cell, etc.

The AURA, therefore, has a real energetic anatomy that corresponds to the physical one.
From what has been explained above, we can deduce that the energetic anatomy (AURA) is not less important than the physical one (physical body), indeed, from the point of view of health, it can

 be even more important than the latter, because it has been shown , from the holistic point of view, that every situation of malaise, before manifesting itself in the concrete of the psychophysical apparatus, originates precisely in the energy field of the individual, when there are imbalances due to the most different endogenous or exogenous factors.

The energy of the human body, therefore, is filtered and distributed by appropriate energy channels (Nadi) and energy centers (Chakras) which, if cleaned daily with the practice of appropriate meditation and healing techniques, are freed from all dross of the person’s body, mind and psyche, which, inevitably, is subject to contamination at all levels (physical, mental, emotional) because of the interaction with all sorts of external environment, through food, medicines, environments, etc.
If the person is open and receptive, intervening on him/her in time with the REIKI or PRANIC HEALING techniques, that is, cleaning, energizing and harmonizing his/her energetic body at the manifestation of more or less light symptoms of a specific pathology, we can likely prevent the onset of altered conditions in the physical body health.

In case the pathology is already in place in the physical body, Reiki and Pranic Healing can help to alleviate the symptoms, of physical, psychological and mental illnesses and promote healing without having the presumption of being able to replace the usual allopathic medicine; rather they can help alleviate the

side effects and the possible physical or energetic intoxication that derives from a prolonged use of pharmacological treatment.

Treatments, can be practiced, in a delicate way, and without particular contraindications, even on children, animals and plants, and also indoor to purify and positively energize objects and environments.



These disciplines can also be carried out with the help of the crystals.

We know that the mineral kingdom is not less alive and pulsating with energy than other forms of life and that, for this reason, it possesses a true intelligence of its own.

Crystals, as well as rocks and other minerals, vibrate very slowly, hence their characteristics of inertia and immobility. But, this very static, together with the sometimes secular duration of their existence, give them the particular privilege of absorbing and accumulating the vital force and magnetism that come from the center and from the deeper layers of our Mother Earth.

Provided each with their peculiar characteristics and therapeutic properties, depending on their composition and color, crystals can enter into a vibrational resonance with our body and emanate their natural healing power depending on the pathology and energy treatments that are being performed.

When laid on specific points of the body or simply in the palm of the person’s hand, they catalyze the energy diffused during a treatment, greatly enhancing it’s effect, helping to reintegrate the Aura and reloading the person with clean and renewed energy.

They can also be placed at certain points in houses or work environments and radiate with their presence that particular energy that brings balance and well-being.

“The treatments are all carried out in a relaxing and meditative atmosphere with background music, incense and essential oils”.

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