Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?

COACHING: are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Maybe you are but you don’t know …

We can possess great talents, but if we are not willing to follow them we will always remain in the same place.

This can be ok, if we do not fall into regret for not having dared to try.

We can choose either to regret or to enhance our courage to leave our comfort zone, even just for fun, starting with small targets, without expectations, following our heart.

We deserve at least one possibility in life, but, if we do not give ourselves a chance, we will not be ready to seize it when existence provides it to us. At that point, we must be honest with ourselves not blaming the circumstances.

In truth, we never have anything to lose if we follow our heart.

Rather we should get up and try again if, despite the results are not what we hoped for, what we have decided to do is in line with what we feel, and experiment joy for the attempt made.

If what I said above resonates with your desire to try and your possession of skills and talents, but collides with your inner attitudes towards yourself, dare ask yourself the following questions:

– What can make you really happy?
– What have you always wanted to do?
– Do you feel creative but are afraid of not being able or not up to it?
– Have your parents conditioned you to believe that you are uncapable or that it is better not to risk?
– Can you sing or play but are terrified of performing in front of an audience?
– Do you have knowledge and resources that you would like to share but do not know how to stand in front of an audience?

Try for a moment to think about it and to “feel” if the time has come for you to step out of your comfort zone …

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