Have you have dared to be happy?
Have you have dared to be happy?



The Twin Hearts Meditation, created by Master Choa Kok Sui, is a service tool through which, those who practice it, come to perceive their purpose and meaning of life, as well as their sense of belonging to the Existence and the connection with every living form.

It consists in blessing the Earth by invoking upon it the Presence of Divine Light with its characteristics of Peace, Love, Serenity, Joy, Prosperity, Healing, Comfort, Forgiveness and Consolation.

In practicing it, therefore, we are, once again, channels of Light, and indirectly benefitting from all it’s evoked aspects, even if the principles on which it is based are absolutely altruistic and of service to the common good, as only in this way it can provide its loving effect.

The Heart Chakra is in fact involved and stimulated to generate higher emotions of Love, Empathy, Identification, Compassion, Joy and Peace, together with the Crown Chakra, also stimulated as the center of the Spiritual and Divine Heart and the attained Wisdom and elevation of Consciousness.

Both, the Heart and the Crown, are fundamental Chakras for awakening awareness and they happen to be similar in many of their aspects. This is why meditation takes its name from the combined stimulation of their features, and also because, according to the spiritual disciplines, the awakening of the Crown Chakra and a possible illumination can take place only after the opening and activation of the Heart Chakra.

By invoking and channeling the Light and the presence of God on Earth, therefore, we assume a simple but consciously active role in the Divine Design.

Master Choa Kok Sui said that this meditation is one of the most powerful tools for spiritual development and encouraged to continue this service for the world by practicing it regularly:

“The Meditation of the Twin Hearts is a very powerful tool for one’s spiritual development, it is a true gift received from the Great Ones”. (Grand Master Choa Kok Sui)

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